About Us

Who Are We

The 1976 Foundation, a US-based charity, was established by the Class of 1976, deeply grateful graduates of Excelsior High School, Jamaica, which is fondly known as “XCLR” or “Age” pronounced [AGGI], a shortened form of the Latin exhortation, “Age Animo", which means Do it with thy might. We owe our success in life to the excellent foundation we received at XCLR. As a way of showing our gratitude to our alma mater, we would like to “pay it forward” by helping to advance the dream of our beloved and revered Founder and Principal, Mr. A. Wesley Powell of making XCLR an inclusive, rather than exclusive, school.

The 1976 Foundation has established a partnership with Excelsior High School and Family Life Ministries to provide professional counseling to students in need of emotional support at XLCR. Under the terms of this recently forged tri-party agreement, The Foundation will provide the necessary funding to defray the cost of all counseling sessions. We also partnered with XLCR to provide extra classes to Grade 7 to 10 students who fell behind during the coronavirus pandemic.

These are some of the things that our fundraising helps.

Why We Exist

Our own individual and collective experiences have helped to inform our decision to become more actively involved in supporting our alma mater, XLCR. In retrospect, we recognize that as wonderful as many students might have found the high school experience, there were so many others who could have excelled further had it not been for various personal challenges in their living environments, which significantly impacted their academic, and in some instances, their social progress.

In addition to financial difficulties, some students have been dealing with issues such as physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, homelessness, hunger, domestic violence, and substance use by parent and/or child – issues that most people would find uncomfortable to share with anyone. Imagine then, the impact of these traumatic situations on minors who feel powerless to address their individual situations but are expected to cope and excel in school.

In light of these concerns, the 1976 Foundation would support the Excelsior student population via a mentorship program to enhance academic and social growth as needed. In instances in which mentorship might not be the clear or only solution, the foundation will fundraise and work with other reputable resources to address the identified issues.